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Today, I will share with you the 8 courses which you can pursue after the 12th pass out on the commerce side. If you are interested in commerce and want to do something for your future, and you think about any goal related to commerce. Then you can take admission related to commerce side courses. But, before admission, you need to know the complete information. Still, then you do not know about it properly. Then how you can complete your aim. Then, you can complete Graduation with a commerce course. 

I will tell you about the eight courses which are related to the commerce side. I Hope, so, this information will be good for you. So, read all the information. And what are the fees, and what are the eligibility criteria to do these courses? Make yourself educated. 

Eligibility of B.Com distance education course

If you want to do a B.Com course, you will have to know about the eligibility. And after that, if you are eligible for this. Then you can take admission quickly. That’s why for admission, you should have to pass in 10+2 from any recognized board with commerce subjects. 

Best courses after 12th in commerce

There are some courses after completing your 12th class. For example, you can take admission in commerce side courses. Also, in the future, it gives you more advantages. Because the courses are highly paid salary based. 

  • First B.Com (Hons) Business Analytics
  • Second B.Com SAP- FICO
  • Third B.Com (Hons) Derivative and Risk Management
  • B.Com (Hons) Forensic Accounting & Fraud
  • Again, B.Com (Hons) Blockchain & Financial Technologies
  • B.Com International Business and Finance
  • Similarly, B.Com Data Science
  • B.Com (Hons) Financial & Stock Management
  • Further, B.Com Business Management
  • B.Com Health Care
  • So, B.Com Information System and Management

So, what you are interested in according to you. Thus, you can take admission easily. But, admission will be then when you are eligible for this course. If your education qualification is okay and according to the criteria. Then you can take admission easily without any problem. You can graduate by completing any one course. There is an excellent opportunity for making your future bright.

What do you know about the admission process?

There is an online admission process in B.Com and any other courses. Now, everywhere is a digital time. But, sometimes, some universities give you online and offline admission. But, most of the time the process is online.

What are the future benefits of the B.Com distance education course?

The future benefits of doing B.Com Distance Education is more than your thinking. Also, as you know, getting an education has no age bar for everyone. You can start your study at any age. This university is providing you with an excellent opportunity.

And, after taking admission in B.Com, you do not need to take daily classes, but only you have to come to university for the exam time. Therefore, with no interruption in your personal job life, you can study with the job.

Hence, According to your choice of the field course, there are more benefits you have to decide what you would like to do in your future, but these higher studies will also benefit you in your future time. Also, you can become below that, and any other like what you want.

After doing B.Com course from distance education, you can become 

  • Cost accountant
  • Accountant
  • Accountant executive
  • Finance planner
  • Portfolio manager
  • Tax auditor

Also, there is a BA, B.Com. B.Sc and many other courses available. But, it depends on you what you want to do. After completing Graduation, you can do anything from the above I shared with you. This course makes you more capable of earning a source.

What is Graduation in India?

We will talk about the Graduation course. Although you know that. When you go to your school’s higher studies. Then after the 12th, in front of you, and ample opportunity. You can do your following higher studies in your graduation time. There are more courses available for the students after 12th in Graduation. Also, when you complete Graduationyou will be able to do something for your future bright with your education. 

There are online graduation courses available for students who want to do something good to make them higher educated. But they do not have time due to their job. So, there is a golden opportunity for those students. Because in this course no need to take daily classes needs to come to one time for the exam time only. That is why we can call it one single sitting course. This course has many benefits. 

Duration of B.Com course

The duration of the B.Com course is three years. But, if you take admission in a one-year course. Then it will complete in one year, not in 3 years. The single sitting one-year degree has these benefits. You can save your time and in which time you can do something else as a job.

Most students take admission in that type of distance education learning type mode. Because they have no time to spend on the classes. So, they only have a one-year single sitting course in that condition. You can do it and use your time. Please do not waste it. 


I hope you will understand the B.Com course after 12 to pass out. This course is mainly for the commerce side students. Thus, on the other side if you have any other doubts. So, you can go to the university’s official websites. Also, you can contact counselors who will provide you with all the information. 

Then, you should complete Graduation and complete B.Com to get early exemplary achievements. It is a first and promising opportunity. Education is a powerful weapon, and we use it to help needy people and make our country educated.