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  • How to pursue BSc in One year Chandigarh?

  • Can I do a BSc for one year?

  • How you can use credit transfer?

  • Do you Want get a one-year graduation degree?

  • Isn’t it great if you get your Online BSc done in one Sitting 2022?

BSc in one year Chandigarh- everything you need to know

Are you a science enthusiast? And does science excite the scientist inside you? Then BSc in one year Chandigarh is the golden choice for you. It is the most in-demand degree amongst the youth. Moreover, the job opportunities and the salary makes BSc in one year degree all the more favourable and desirable subjects. And now you can complete your degree in just one year. All thanks to the distance education courses that make achieving a degree easy and less time-consuming. So read ahead and get to know all the frequently asked questions with their expert answers.

Is my BSC in one year Chandigarh degree valid?

Certainly yes, your BSc in one year Chandigarh is valid. However, you need to make sure that your university is UGC and DEB approved. It is because only UGC and approved universities will offer you a legitimate degree. On the other hand, the rest of the institutions are not fair. Moreover, with UGC-DEB-approved universities, you can work full-time simultaneously. Also, since you do not have to attend physical classes you can save all of your travelling money. 

How can I complete my graduation in one year?

Yes, you can complete your graduation in one year. We shall all thank the education ministry of India, the University Grants Commission and the Distance Education Bureau. Because all of these institutions have collectively come up with the idea of distance education. Moreover, it has set up Distance Education universities that will offer you one year courses. With these distance education courses, you can save a lot of your education years. 

How many years does a BSc take?

Typically a BSc takes around three years to complete. However, with the one year distance education courses, you can complete your degree with full credits in a single year. For further queries or clarifications, you can book a free counselling session with our experts in the field. All you have to do is head to our official website and drop us an email.

Which BSc course has the highest salary?

Different careers in BSC offer you different annual salaries. However, we can mention an average salary that you can expect as a BSc in one year graduate. Therefore, you can expect anywhere from 2.4 lakh to 3 lakh per annum as the starting salary. However, you need to keep in mind that this figure depends entirely upon various factors. Those factors include

  • Your prior experience in the job
  • Your education qualifications and specialisations
  • The prophet that you bring to the company
  • The company that you work for.

Similarly, there are more factors and aspects that you need to keep in mind. 

What job opportunities are there after BSc in one year?

As said before, BSc in one year will offer you a lot of career options. You can go into higher studies, academics, and even a specific subject specialization. Moreover, you can become a scientist, research, and lab technician. Also, fields like agriculture, horticulture, forestry, biotechnology, nautical science do not disappoint too. Lastly, you can expect higher salaries in every job opportunity with BSc in one year Chandigarh.

There are three ways to complete your online Bsc in one year :

Credit Transfer:

If someone has completed their 1st and 2nd year from any UGC recognized university and has left the course in middle or have completed only 1st and 2nd year and got fail in 3rd year and now they are unable to complete their graduation from the same university then in this case they can directly take admission in 3rd year in another university and can complete it in one year.
Similarly, there are two types of credit transfer one is academic credit and another one is skill based credit transfer which depends on skill and experience of their relative Industry. Though, some Universities do provide approve credits on behalf of skills.

Lateral Entry:

Any student is eligible for lateral entry process in case he/she has completed any diploma program and wants to take admission in graduation in similar field. In this, student will be sent directly in 2nd or 3rd year in order to obtain Online Bsc degree in one year. Also, the terms and conditions vary from university to university.
Thus, get yourself enroll today if you had discontinued your studies earlier due to any reason and create a path for your career by getting a Online Bsc degree in one year.

Breaking Study:

Breaking study is process wherein student who has left their education after doing 1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year, can get himself/herself enroll for 3rd year directly. Though, it does not matter whether you had passed or failed in your graduation program but you must have 3 years of educational gap after 10+2. Also, a student will have to write examinations for all the three years in one go only and they are required to pay complete graduation fee.

Can I sit for government job exams with BSc in one year Chandigarh?

Absolutely, yes. You can sit for government jobs with a BSc in one year Chandigarh degree. Moreover, the eligibility criteria for government jobs is a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, a bachelor’s of Science (BSc) degree can be of great use. Furthermore, our counselling experts will guide you with the utmost knowledge. So you can rest assured and book a free counselling session with us today. 


To conclude we would like to say that BSc in one year is a great distance education course for anyone who loves Science. Moreover, today we have answered all of your frequently asked questions about BSc in one year Chandigarh. Now you can complete your 3-year degree in no time. We can assure you that BSc courses have unlimited job opportunities that you can try. Furthermore, you can expect a good salary that acts as a cherry on the cake too! However, you need to make sure that your university is UGC-DEB-approved. It is because it will offer you only legitimate and acceptable degrees. Lastly, if you found this article beneficial, share it with your friends and family to benefit them as well. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question & Answers

Q.1. What is the eligibility for Bsc in One Year?

Ans. A student who has an academic gap of atleast 3 years after his/her intermediate (12th) can apply for one sitting examination.

Q.2. What is Bsc. in one year?

Ans. Bsc. in one year means that Bachelor of Arts which is 3 years course will get completed in one year by giving all exams in one sitting only.

Q.3.  Is Bsc.  in one year valid?

Ans. Yes, it is completely valid.

Q.4.  How u can use credit transfer?

Ans. If a student has done 1st and 2nd year from a university then he/she can take direct admission in 3rd year which can be used as credit transfer.

Q.5. What is break in studies?

Ans. Break in studies means gap in studies which can be after SSC or HSC.

Q.6. Which all documents are required to apply for Bsc in One Year?

  • Firstly , 10th class marksheet and certificate
  • Secondly , 12th class marksheet and certificate
  • Furthermore , Breaking study proof
  • Then , Address proof
  • Lastly , Passport size photograph

Most Common Questions

Q.1. What does “breaking study proof” means?

Ans. Breaking study proof means the student must have proof of breaking years which includes: documents related to discontinuation of study/course or an experience certificate during break (gap) years, in case, a student is employed in a company.

Q.2. Is there any opportunity in lateral entry for diploma holders?

Ans. Yes, students can get lateral entry in second year on the basis of three year diploma after high school or diploma after intermediate.

Q.3. Which all certificates will I receive after Bsc in One Year completion?

Ans. Graduation marksheet and degree

Q.4. Are the certificates valid in government jobs after completing Bsc in One Year?

Ans. Yes, the documents are absolutely valid in government jobs.

Q.5. Are there any chances of promotion in my career ahead after doing Bsc in One Year?

Ans. Yes, of course, you will get promotion once you complete this course successfully.