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As the video world competition rises, the difficulty in achieving your goals has peaked as well. Therefore, to address the students’ concerns, we’ll talk today about the importance of distance education. And how graduation in one year can help you achieve your dreams and goals. So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the topic right away. 

Is distance graduation worth my time?

This is a doubt of many students. Students doubt if graduating in one year is legitimate or a myth. Therefore, to answer all of your queries, we are here. We must tell you that distance graduation or bachelor’s from distance is very much valid. Moreover, students of distance graduation have secured high positions and jobs. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will never waste your time in acquiring an education. 

Which University is the best for distance graduation?

A good university means better opportunities. Therefore, it is a valid concern of students. Moreover, with our years of experience, we always suggest our students go to a UGC-DEB-approved university. Moreover, not just for a one-year degree but you can trust UGC-DEB-approved universities for a full 3 years degree too. It is because the Government of India and the Education Ministry have declared these universities to be legitimate and fair. Therefore, you can get a fair degree from these UGC-DEB-approved universities. Lastly, you can contact us for a free counseling session to get the best UGC-DEB-approved university for yourself.

What job opportunities do I have after my graduation in one year?

You have uncountable job opportunities after your distance graduation. Moreover, those job opportunities will depend upon your field of study. This means, that if you pursue a Bachelor of Science or related disciplines, you can opt for jobs like Forensic Scientist, Physician Associate, and other Science related jobs. Meanwhile, if you opt for the other two disciplines namely Commerce and Humanities, you will get related job opportunities. 

Can I sit for UPSC and IAS exams within my graduation distance?

Yes, you can sit for UPSC and other government job exams. The importance of distance graduation does not diminish whatsoever. Moreover, since the government of India approved Distance Education universities. Therefore, degrees obtained from UGC-DEB-approved universities are fair. Hence, you can sit for various government competitive exams as well.

Is there any importance of distance graduation?

We are all aware of the importance of distance graduation. However, society needs to get rid of the stereotypes. Graduation in one year provides you full flexibility. Students from all modes of education can apply for job opportunities and have equal rights in jobs. The only thing that you need to check up on is that your university should be UGC-DEB-approved. And your job opportunities will never be restricted. 

Why do most women choose distance education?

Distance graduation is a great way to empower women. It is because it promotes self-dependency. Moreover, women can complete their graduation from their homes. This opportunity does not only aim at working women but also encourages widow and married women to acquire education. Furthermore, graduation in one year is a great way to obtain a valid degree quickly and start working in a favorable field. Hence, making it all the more favorable choice. 

Is 3-year graduation better than graduation in one year?

These two types of degrees are not much different. The only difference between the two is the duration. The former is a graduation of 3 full years while the latter is graduation in one year. Moreover, both degrees carry the same value. However, you need to make sure that your degree is from a UGC-DEB-approved university only. Lastly, if you have less time for your degree you can opt for single-year graduation. If not, go with the 3-year graduation program.

Can a financially weak student choose distance graduation?

Your economic status should not dictate your right to education. Therefore, students from all walks of life can apply for graduation in one-year programs. Moreover, the education ministry of India aims at providing education for all. Hence, you can apply for your desired graduation in one year course, irrespective of your financial condition.


To conclude, we would like to say that the importance of distance graduation and setting and achieving your goals in 2024 has been more important than ever. We all have gone through the coronavirus pandemic, therefore we need to secure a good job and future for ourselves. Therefore with this guide, we hope that you can answer all of your queries. However, if you have any more doubts, you can book a free counseling session with our experts. Lastly, shade is a beneficial article with your peers and colleagues. And help us reach a greater audience to educate more people.