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How many of us look at government jobs and go, “wish I could experience that many benefits!”. But this doubt of distance education being valid for government jobs hushes our confidence even more. But hey? We’ve got your back at all times, remember? We will help you figure out a way to solve all your problems at once. Moreover, from Civil Services jobs to Railway Engineers, you’ll be able to excel at everything!

What is distant graduation?

Distant graduation is a graduate program that lets you study from the comfort of your home. Moreover, saving your time and money, distant graduation can help you pursue your full-time job while studying.

Furthermore, you have to sit for an exam just once to hold a fair degree. To understand in detail, make sure you book a free counseling session with our career counseling experts.

Is distance education valid?

Distance education is valid if your university is UGC-DEB-approved. UGC stands for University Grants Commission. Moreover, DEB (Distance Education Bureau) is a service system of UGC that is responsible for Distance Education in India.

Furthermore, finding a UGC-DEB-approved university can be a difficult task. Therefore, we’re here to make this task a cakewalk, just for you. 

Which graduation is best for distance education?

Distance education universities that are UGC-DEB-approved offer various courses. Ranging from Humanities to Commerce and Science stream, you can find numerous distance education coursesMoreover, it would be best if you go for a course that you like studying. However, if you can not decide what course will fetch you more job prospects, book a free counseling session with us. Furthermore, our dedicated team of professionals can help you find your ideal course. 

Can I get a government job with distance graduation?

Absolutely. You can secure yourself a government job with distance graduation very quickly. Moreover, for a detailed plan of action, book a free counseling session with us today!  

Is Distance Degree Valid for Civil Services and UPSC Exams?

Indeed, your distance graduation degree is very much valid for civil services UPSC exams. However, you need to make sure that your university is UGC-DEB-approved to make your degree a legitimate one. 

Moreover, we can help you majorly achieve your dream degree and be eligible for your dream job. Therefore, book a free counseling session with us today to know the mantra to success.

Which distance education course is the best to get a Government job?

Distance education indeed opens a lot of gates of opportunities for you. However, putting the right resources at the right task lets you make the best out of an opportunity.

Therefore, we will tell you what degrees are the best for government jobs. 

  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Public administration
  • Public relations
  • Commerce
  • Accounting

We acknowledge that every degree has its benefits. However, if you aim at government jobs and competitive exams like UPSC and defense services, these distance education courses will help you a lot. 

Which graduation is best, regular or private?

We must bust the myth that regular and private graduation hold different values. 

The only eligibility criteria for government jobs is that you graduate from a UGC-DEB-approved university. Hence, your mode of education does not matter; your intellect and skills do.


To conclude, distance education is indeed the right choice if you wish to work full-time and get that degree! Moreover, you can earn a government job with a distance graduation degree! We can assure you from UPSC to railway competitive exams, you can get your desired job with your distance graduation degree.

Hence, book a free counseling session with our professionals today to know the full-fledged plan.