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BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. BCA is a three years undergraduate degree course in computers. So In this course, students learn about the basics of computer application and software development. Also, you can pursue a BCA online course, if you want to pursue it online without going to college/university.

What is the BCA online course?

In this, you do not have to join a traditional college. So you can finish your three-year BCA course online. Therefore, after you complete your graduation courses onlineyou can get job offers such as Network Support Engineer, System Engineer, Software Tester, Technical Support Engineer, Project manager, Software Architect, etc.

Syllabus of BCA online course

The syllabus of the BCA course can vary for different universities. But, Below is listed the core syllabus of the BCA course semester-wise:

  • First semester- Fundamental of IT & Computers digital electronics, Basic mathematics, English communication, and C language lab.
  • Second semester- Operations systems and Fundamental organizational behavior, C language advanced concepts, Advanced mathematics, and advanced C programming lab.
  • Third semester- Database Management System, Open Source Technology, Software Engineering, Web-based application, and DBMS and web technology lab.
  • Fourth semester- Web Designing, Data Structure, Introduction to Linux, and Object-Oriented programming elective.
  • Fifth semester- Software engineering-ii, Java programming, Python, E-commerce and marketing elective, Advanced Java, and Python lab.
  • Sixth semester- Artificial Intelligent, Information security, Application Development Elective, and project/Dissertation.

What are the advantages of BCA online graduation?

In the BCA online course, students learn about the in-depth knowledge of computer applications. Also, students get to study subjects like Digital computer Programming, Cloud Computing, Computer Networks, etc. 

Also, there are many other Advantages of the which are listed below-

  • BCA online courses are cheaper than regular offline colleges.
  • Pursuing BCA online is convenient and time-saving.
  • You can complete your graduation from your house.
  • You do not have to go to any regular classes. But you can join online classes from your house or any other place.
  • After your graduation courses online are complete, you can get many job opportunities, etc.

What are the eligibility criteria for pursuing BCA online course?

For pursuing BCA online course you must have to complete your 10+2 from any government-recognized board. Also, you have to pass your 10+2 with at least 50% marks. 

How can I apply to the BCA online course?

You can apply after completing your 10+2 with at least 50% from any government-recognized board. But the admission process varies for every college. So some colleges give merit-based admission, and some colleges give entrance exam-based admission. Therefore you should look for the colleges that are fit for you and apply for admission online. 

What is graduation in India?

Graduation is a degree course that students can pursue after finishing their schooling. There are graduation courses like- B.Sc., BCA, BA graduation, etc. So students pursue graduation after completing their 10+2 to study specific fields of subjects.

What are the top online Colleges for BCA online courses?

Below are listed top UGC-DEB approved colleges where you can apply for the BCA online course:

NMIMS– Deemed-to-be-University

 If you pursue a BCA online course from NMIMS, you would study subjects such as Programming in C, Data Structure Using C, Object-Oriented Programming Using Java Unix Operating System and Shell Programming Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. Also, the duration of the course is 3 years. Additionally, you can complete your online course at an affordable price. The university further provides master’s courses in a similar field. 

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)

You would learn about the subjects such as Computer Basics and PC software Problem solving and Programming Programming in C++ Object Oriented Techniques and Java Programming. The duration of this course in IGNOU is from 3 years to 6 years. Also, you can complete your BCA online course in this college at affordable fees. 

Chandigarh University

At Chandigarh University students learn about Fundamentals of Computer and IT Programming in C Data Structure and Algorithms Java Programming Linux OS Mobile Application Development. The duration of this course is three years in this college. You can talk to the counselor to get a detailed structure of admission fees.

Manipal University, Jaipur

Students learn about the subjects such as Fundamental of IT and Programming Understanding PC and Troubleshooting Operating System Java Programming Python Programming Web design. Also, the duration of the BCA online course is three years. 

Subharti University, Meerut

 Subharti is one of the top universities in India that provide all graduation and post-graduation courses. And you will get to study Computer Essential Database Management System Object Oriented programming using Java Computer Networks Web Application Development. Additionally, the duration of the course at this university is three years. 

What are the opportunities after completing BCA online?

After completing BCA online course students get many job profiles. So students get jobs like Network Support Engineer, System Engineer, Software Tester, Technical Support Engineer, Project manager, Software Architect, etc.

Also, you can study further after completing the course. So there are many courses you can pursue such as Master in Computer Application(MCA), Master in Computer Management, Master in Business Administration, Master in Information Management, Information Security Management, etc.


Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA) is a three years degree course. Also, you can pursue a BCA graduation course online. So for pursuing a BCA online course, you must have to pass 10+2 with at least 50% marks from any government-recognized board.

Additionally, You can pursue from all over the world just from your house. So you can online apply for this course and attend the classes through video conferencing. Also if there are many advantages of the BCA online course. So you can get many job opportunities after completing this course. Therefore if you want to pursue BCA online, you can apply to colleges that offer BCA courses online and complete your graduation course online. To get more in-depth information you can talk to the counselors in India.