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Do you also wish to complete your graduation in just one year? Then, say no more. We have everything in place, just for you. We will tell you the popular one-year graduation programs. And how about working full-time and studying simultaneously? Yes, and distance graduation is the answer! 

How do you complete graduation in-distance?

Distance graduation has a lot of benefits. Apart from money and energy, you save your time, the most valuable asset. Moreover, you learn from the comfort of your room. UGC-DEB-approved universities offer you one-year Graduation Programs

In such courses, you appear for the exam just once and take your recognized degree home. Please note that you get a fair degree that holds the same power as the regular one. Distance graduation is a go-to plan if you want to work without compromising on your studies. 

What Does Distance Graduation mean?

In simple terms, Distance Graduation means that you study from a distance from your educational institution. You can learn from the comfort of your study room. Distance graduation is also known as distance learning. You do not have to be physically present in your lectures. Meanwhile, you can work full-time while pursuing your one-year graduate programFurthermore, make sure your Distance Graduation university is UGC-DEB-approved. For that will make your degree legitimate. At last, If you have any more doubts, book a free counseling session with us from our official website. 

Is Distance Graduation valid?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions. Distance education is not a new concept in the world. However, it did get more recognition during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

We must tell you that Distance Graduation Programs and degrees are 100% valid. Moreover, the government accepts these degrees. The only condition is that your university has to be UGC-DEB-approved. The University Grants Commission (UGC) coordinates and regulates the standard of higher education. Meanwhile, the Distance Education Bureau is responsible for Distance Education in India. 

Additionally, the Government of India encourages students from UGC-DEB-approved universities to apply for government jobs too. 

Can I get a degree in one year?

Yes, you can. All thanks to the UGC-DEB-approved universities. These universities are legitimate and offer One Year Graduation Programs. Moreover, these programs are also known as distance graduation or Distance Learning. With the help of One Year Graduation Programs, you can fulfill your dream of a degree in one year. Gone are the days when we used to invest at least three to four years in a degree. Moreover, now you can work full time and study simultaneously, with ease. We can make obtaining your degree a cakewalk for you! Contact us to book a free counseling session to know more about Distance Graduation

What all courses can I get in One Year Graduation Programs?

One Year Graduation Programs are very flexible and student-friendly. You can get your degree in any course that you want. Ranging from the Humanities stream to Commerce and Science subjects, you are free to choose your desired program. Holding the same value as a regular degree, Distance Graduation helps you save time more. 

We can make your distance education journey easy and enjoyable for you. Make sure that you’ve booked a free counseling session for yourself to know more.

What are the benefits of distance learning?

There are numerous advantages that you get with distance graduation. You save your hard-earned money by cutting out commuting. You get to choose your schedule as per your day. If you are a student with special needs, the One Year Graduation Program is a quick solution for you. And the time you save is a cherry on the cake.


There is no need to make space for second thoughts regarding Distance Education. That is because you have us. Do not let any hurdle come between your education and opt for Distance Graduation. Undoubtedly, One Year Graduation Programs by UGC-DEB-approved universities are just the right path for you.

One-year graduation programs are the wisest decision you can make. It is because you get to work or pursue your hobby full time while not compromising on your graduation.

We acknowledge your passion for education. And we want to help you achieve your dream course degree. Hence, consider this free counseling session a gift from us to you. Limited seats, so hurry and book one for yourself from our official website.