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The Hospitality and Tourism Industry is going to boom in the coming years after 2024. How? We all know how the travelling industry faced severe dips from 2020 to 2021 during the covid-19 pandemic. Besides, the condition was similar in all of the countries except a few tourist spots like Maldives or Dubai. However, students seeking interest in tourism or travel careers can get admission in the professional course. 

Besides, the Online Hospitality and Tourism Management course not only focuses on travelling management but also makes your professional work in Hotels at managerial positions. 

Who should get admission in a Hospitality and Tourism Management Course?

Students who love to travel and earn with every travelling spot can go for this course. Besides, the tourism sector is full of multi-cultural visitors that bring fun to work. Also, the sector is rewarding with travelling packages, amenities at work, free food and more. 

People who have managerial skills and want fun with work and are fond of travelling places should get this course this year because this summer holiday you will be travelling with your clients. 

What are the Career Opportunities after Online Hospitality and Tourism Management Course?

1. Become a Travel Agent

A travel agent or running your own travelling agency is one of the best career options after the course. The roles and responsibilities of a Travel Agent is to research the best plan and offer the services of multiple trip options for different clients. 

Travel agent is responsible for providing hassle-free and pleasant service to get full satisfaction from the clients.

2. Hotel Manager

Hotel managers play the second most important role in the travelling industry. Every visitor who travels requires the hotel to stay where optimum facilities are there. So, any hotel manager manages the staff and works with no poor feedback from the clients. 

3. Event Organiser

Event organisation in India is high in demand and therefore business needs an experienced event manager who handles end-to-end facilities and services. 

4. Catering Assistant

In any hotel, restaurant, school, college, companies catering services are required. Catering services include food menu serving and management. Every food industry is majorly dependent on hygiene and fresh food items. Therefore, the catering assistant is responsible for that.

How much is the salary of a tourist?

Travel is the essence and luxury of life. Anyone from middle class to higher class families loves to travel according to their budget and interest. Besides, every college or school trip is also bound with trips to hill stations or beaches. That means tourism and travelling is endless and never going to end until pandemic or lockdown is a concern. 

So, if you are in the travelling industry and love to cater service and hospitality and meet people then your salary is never going to be a barrier. Besides, travelling and tourism are not limited to India. The skills and client conversion and satisfaction rates can lead you across the borders. 

What is the scope of an MBA in tourism?

MBA is a 2-year post-graduate program in India and Travel and tourism is one of the specialisations in MBA degree.  The program imparts the relevant management skills to students that help to get a good job in the travel industry.

What is an Executive MBA in Hospitality Management Eligibility Criteria?

Interested candidates in EMBA in the hospitality and tourism management course can get the course if they have passed with minimum passing marks in graduation and 10+2 and three years of working experience in the relevant field. 

What are the benefits of an MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management?

Tourism and Hospitality Management is a continuously growing industry and we have seen even in pandemic people across the world were partying and travelling to beaches. So, travelling is like therapy for everyone and we can’t deny that. 

You can be benefited from multiple amenities and the profile will help you to develop personally as well. 

In this career profile, you learn in relationship building, customer acquisition, communication skills, and altered service while understanding people. 


Online Hospitality and Tourism Management courses are benefiting courses in 2024 onwards. And students interested in travelling and meeting new people from different cultures should get enrollment in this course. In the above information, you must have got the idea of career opportunities and salary packaging you will be getting.