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Top Distance Universities In Bangalore in Distance learning is a mode of education that allows teaching without the need of going to the classroom. So, with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, the popularity of distance learning courses in India has increased now. Therefore, almost every college has shifted their classes online. Many have started offering distance education programs. Therefore, so that students do not have to be physically present in the class. It also offers flexibility to the students without compromising upon the learning and quality of education.

Hence, Distance learning also helps you save money as the fees of these programs is less than that of regular courses. Further, There are many distance learning programs available for each branch of education.

Top universities that offer distance courses

Bangalore University :

Bangalore University was established in 1886. Although, it is one of the oldest university in India. It is a public university. Firstly, It offers distance courses at both graduate and post graduate level. You can check the eligibility and other details from the official website of the university.


Firstly, this university has made its own place in the list of distance education institutes in India. Secondly, the quality of education provided to the students. Also it is  considered valuable because of the facilities IGNOU provided. Thirdly, It offers number of courses at graduate, post graduate level and 6 months to 1 year diploma courses. Check the website to know more.

Annamalai University :

The Annamalai University has gained its popularity for the quality of education provided by the highly qualified faculty today Its Directorate of Distance Education provides a number of courses at both graduate and post graduate level. Therefore, MBA program is  one of the best program in Annamalai University. As a result, the study centers of the University are scattered .

Symbiosis University :

Symbiosis is one of the most famous names among the institutes offering courses. Branches of Symbiosis are located in many places in India like Pune and so on. It has gained popularity for its courses in different disciplines. One of its major study centers is in Bangalore that enables the students of Bangalore to pursue graduate and post graduate degree through the correspondence medium. Check the official website to know more.

Conclusion :

For a student its his/her duty to first research about the course of their interest and then take admission. According to our research, these are the most popular universities in Bangalore, which offers distance learning programs.
Happy Learning !!!